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Girl looking for a match asks for qualities of a UTOPIAN MAN

What exactly is perfection? This question must have risen in your mind sporadically. Some people have retrogressive views about this particular word. They believe that perfection is all about idealism. They leave things getting scarce in perfection like a jilted-lover. Perfection – is something which can not be explained ostensibly. Everyone views perfection in different ways. The perfection one seeks is often the end product of his way of thinking.

This girl faces a major predicament while seeking a potential match on Tinder, she believes that she deserves a utopian man. Everyone reading this article may be aware of the concept of utopia. The rudimentary requirements to get this girl for a relationship are quite awkward. A guy came across this profile and decided to share it with the social media.

Random0351 on Reddit commented, “What’s up with the checklists? Everyone has them now and they’re usually always far fetched like this shit. Tall, Dark, Handsome, Car newer than 2017, has to be periwinkle blue, No less than 9 fingers, Dog or a cat but better be dog, Every dinner 4 stars or above, Gluten-free even tho I don’t have celiac disease.”

The conditions for getting a guy into a relationship are definitely too much. Do you think she is going to find someone reasonable with such an attitude and harsh requirements? The girl even suggests that Tinder must have a filter to carry out the requirements. Well, if anything like this happens then this might damage the repute of the Tinder since as a company it takes everyone as an equal contender for getting a date. Any company promoting disparity through filters can face a dark fate.

What according to you might be the reason behind this profile’s description? Don’t forget to share your opinions in comments.

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