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Girl prefers ‘Friends with benefits’ & draws scary conclusions in its support

This profile on tinder surely knows about her preferences when it comes to dating and relationships. She has given a perfect and precise description of her needs and requirements of a relationship. To strengthen her believe she has also provided a nightmare story drawing some strong conclusions which might affect the thinking of potential candidate thinking to go with her on a date.

This profile was matched on tinder and the description of it is quite intriguing and that made it get featured on the Internet. This girl might seem to be crazy but at least she is being honest with everyone. She is kind of looking for a date to accompany her to sister wedding.

Marriage is definitely a responsibility and there are a lot of factors which must be kept in mind before marrying someone and it is also not all about loyalty but it is about responsibility as well. This girl seems to understand the steps involved in a marriage and that is why she is preferring temporary lifestyle to fulfil her relationship needs. Now, this can be a superficial approach but at least she has cleared her goals and expectations which is unique in a case of a lot of girls.

Oh, and she has given her profile description a funky and hilarious touch. We all think that she is going to attract a lot of heat and anyone coming across this profile is definitely going to swipe in order to talk to her.

The agenda is strong!

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