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Girl rants about fat-shaming, says “This woman can stand, so she is healthy”

We welcome difference of opinions without any bigotry but this girl’s justification is beyond the understanding. She is trying to defy the biological sciences in an attempt to change the standards of a good health. Well, she could just say that one shouldn’t worry about excess weight but instead should try to remove those extra pounds if it poses some threat to the health.

We believe that humans should love themselves and that is the very first step of having some self-reliance. The part of that love is to do the right things in order to avoid erroneous ramifications in the near future. The humans can merely make a close guess to perfection and leave the rest on nature. Because, nothing unnatural can happen in a natural world, however, the logical reasoning shouldn’t be left behind.

The logic says that the primary step of loving yourself is to keep track of your health because the body is something which ages with time. However, this girl actually posted a rant against this very basic thought of most humans.

She justifies her thoughts using a still of the video where two pretty women are sharing some good moments with each other. She then uses the picture to give a silent proof, “The lady can stand and that is why being fat is okay!

The internet army is outraged over the woman. Someone left a comment on this rant, the comment read, “Its like saying Stephen Hawking is ‘able-bodied’ because he can blink.”

Disclaimer: We are in no way associated with this girl or those women, we are merely a source of sharing the cringe/fun humour. We don’t have any opinion on the fat weight of any person, we think all humans are equal and fine. BR, HardComedy Team.

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