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Girl rants about her ‘thin-old-self’ as destructive, teaches people a perfect body

This lady shares her weight gaining progress on the social media and claims that her new self is far more better than the previous one. The people opinion or not aligning with the woman’s one. 99% of the followers of woman are regarding the post as trashy. A screenshot of the original post of the women got shared on the social media website Reddit and there it followed a lot of hilarious comments.

Now we cannot comment much on the photo as feminists are going to ruin the post for us. There is atleast a single person everywhere who is offended by everything.

The woman posted her 2 comparison pictures one from the past and other one is a recent, in the older picture the woman seems to be the lesser of weight and more healthy. Though she tagged her old picture and captioned it to be self-destructing. Later in order to be more healthier, she started to put on some weight. After gaining some kilos she took a picture and captioned it as getting better with time.

Getting better with time!

If she goes on Reddit and starts reading the comments which she received then obviously she is going to get offended. She is currently facing backlash because of this controversial post on Instagram. She is kind of promoting her after picture as being more healthy in nature but instead, she should have remained neutral on the matter. I know that I cannot comment much on this matter but still, there must be a borderline between the right thing and the wrong one.

People commenting!

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