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Girl rants about kids cosplaying a witch & threats everyone playing “Trick & Treat” with “Black Magic”

This girl admits about being a witch on the Facebook. She rants about kids cosplaying in the dress of witches. She doesn’t seem to be fine with the Halloween festival and in my opinion that is not a problem. Everyone must be allowed to give his own opinion and this girl could have done the same and she actually did but her way of expressing her concerns about Halloween isn’t quite right. She made a hate post about kids and that made her face the backlash.

After reading her post which we have embedded above you also would have thought the same, “looks like someone made a mistake“. First, she expresses her hate about kids dressing as witches and then she admits to being a witch herself.

Thirdly she threats anyone wearing a witch costume with her black magic skills. She claims to know about her witchcraft background from a very early age. She asserted her opinion of kids being offensive to her who dress as a witch because she thinks herself to be a real witch.

I am not aware that what this girl was thinking before writing this post on Facebook and hitting the publish button. Maybe she was high or she really wanted to act dumb. It is OK for someone to dislike the trick and treat part of the Halloween but showing that hate online and threatening anyone who dresses like a witch is not something fine.

No one is going to take that message seriously and particularly after the girl herself has made her look like a witch in the post. In addition to that she has also attached the picture of a kid cosplaying at the Halloween.

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