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Girl rants, ‘husband must seek forgiveness after girl cheats on him & gets impregnated’

Sometimes I fail to understand girls because of the statements and their rants which often get posted on the social media and any rational person is sometimes unable to find a conclusion out of them. Now I am not talking about all the females but this argument was about some specific ones who defy any logic presented to them. This girl is actually one of those who made quite an awkward remark on Twitter about guys and later she started facing an online backlash.

According to her if a man gets cheated on and his girl is actually taken by another man then the man should hope to be forgiven. This concept is parallel to you committing a mistake and then the other person is asking for your forgiveness. We all believe that the person who makes a mistake is the one who actually seeks forgiveness.

The rant!

This particular reply of this girl was on the tweet of one of her followers and friends. The message got featured on the social media website and it started to earn quite a lot of negative comments. The people were worried that how can someone be so cruel and negligent.

Someone enquired in comments that what is wrong with people like her and the other person replied to this particular enquiry in a way to tell others that such people have a weird problem with personal responsibility. What he meant was a simple logic, the person who commits any mistake should own the mistake and must find a way to rectify the error caused due to the mistake.

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