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Girl rants on men inclined towards dolls for their ‘bodily needs’ & gets a shut-up call

Social media is a sort of thing which gives a platform to anyone trying to convey some message to the world. The best thing about social media is the degree of virality which it offers to a common person. There are a lot of incidents which came to the light of authorities just because of the social media. Since there are quite a lot of positive sides but like everything, there are certain downsides as well like this girl trying to prove her point, as she rants on every man running behind dolls for accomplishing his bodily needs as compared to biological women.

So, this girl makes a weird tweet which gets quite a lot of attention on Twitter. The topic of the tweet was all the men who are inclined towards Technology and satisfying themselves through dolls without having a need for biological women.

Moments after this girl made a controversial remark on the social media she started receiving hell lot of backlash. She was not expecting that her to it will make into the cringe worthy headlines of the internet. A lot of people started replying the girl and criticized her in the worst way possible.

We cannot in bed every reply in this Mall block post but obviously will try to share with you some of the responses which received after making this controversial tweet.
There was a guy who actually won the entire show by giving her a best possible reply. The point is to take this conversation in a funny manner. One should not get serious while dealing with the online stupidity as a difference of opinion might exist so we must all the open minded.

There were replies made by the people who actually for better trying to do something like this in near future. Some hours later she even posted an apology reply and called it a Grave mistake and a joke.

The guy who won the tweet!

This was quite an awkward tweet and definitely, it deserved a lot of attention. There were other harsh remarks meant for the girl like the one below:

The rude answer!

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