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Girl rejects date & guy sends his credit card picture to let her buy anything, what she buys is insane!

This guy gets rejected for a date and to win her back he uses an unusual method. He sends her front and back picture of his credit card to allow her to buy anything she ever needed. Damn guy, you totally won the friendzone level 9999 and I welcome you on behalf of the friendzoned guys.

Let’s cut the long story short, the males can’t take rejection so well, and they take it personally sometimes. Learning to take ‘no’ for an answer is a key to mature personality. Most guys take ‘no’ from a girl as something equivalent to ‘try more harder for us’. This guy surely took it as a work more harder opportunity after his college life.

Girl named Leagon, this guy met this girl on the internet and he wanted to take her on a date. The girl wasn’t just interested in the guy so she simply said ‘no’. The guy decided to do something unusual, so he sent his credit card picture. Told her to buy anything she ever needed.

Just in case you ever need anything, anything at all, and then a heart emoji“, well man this is too damn awkward. The height of dropping your ego for someone who is rejecting your proposal.

Anyway, the girl took it as a good opportunity and she also doesn’t want to be a burden to the guy so she decided to buy something of his credit card. She bought that giant bouncy castle which you once wanted to buy in your childhood but your parents couldn’t afford.

After the girl bought this castle the guy got an email of the purchase because the payment was made through his credit card. He asked the girl about the purchase. He was taking it as a stupid purchase.

The girl went to the twitter immediately and tweeted about the entire incident. It’s because of her that you are able to know this entire story. She also invited ladies to come and enjoy the purchase castle out of a rejected guy money.

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