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Girl reveals plot about, ‘fooling around 20 men with fake pregnancy test & getting hush money’

The world has a lot of different people showing different stance in varied situations. Some people are honest enough to live a life of truth while some people are evil enough to live a life of a lie. There is a famous myth that not every person is an evil, in fact, there are certain situations which forces them to give up and turn into someone else.

Everyone has a conscience and it warns them every second about the next evil act which they think to commit. Some people learn to ignore that inner voice and continue to imbalance nature. Karma gets everyone, sooner or later.

Today on Twitter, we came across a strange confession from a girl knowing another girl (as she stated) who fooled around 20 men in a month using a fake pregnancy test. The same test she sent to every man and claimed $550, as a result, to make it negative.

The girl who fooled twenty men!

Men must be feeling stupid and look at all those retweets and likes. All the girls might be feeling happy about men being dumb enough to believe the lies. Anway, we’re not biased towards any gender. The responses of people on this status were different. Condemning the act is a good thing but going to an extreme about anything isn’t, there were people who shared more cringe-worthy comments than the status itself.

This one particular comment is like putting every female into one category. The very reason I wrote the first paragraph of this article, not everyone is same. There are different situations and most people learn to circumvent them with time. Putting everyone in one sack isn’t the right thing to act upon.

I wonder about those 688 people who have liked the comment of the guy. The last line of the status of the girl, surely shares some doubt but we’ll leave it to her, it’s what it is!

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