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Girl seeks $1k for paying house-rent & then gets her arm tattooed from same money, faces backlash

A girl sought a $1k loan for paying her house rent because she ran out of her monthly budget. Three days later the same girl got tattoos on her arms naming her both kids. A good gesture to show some love for the kids but money, that is a huge problem.

Financial crisis can’t be avoided sometimes because of unknown reasons beyond one’s control but then there are people who themselves call for a financial crisis. Spending excess money on the unnecessary things is the biggest reason people go broke. The needs of a person should be limited because too much craving can leave a dented financial structure of an individual. People falling for their needs don’t realise that they are entering a circular path of progress, sooner or later they are going to get to the start.

There is another category of people, the people who first spend their money on the things and once they go broke, they start asking others for help without caring for their hard earned money. One of the fellows came across a girl seeking help on Facebook. She was asking $1k for help because she had to pay her rent. A person without a roof? Can you let her do that? Obviously, a big no!

Three days later, as the girl was added to the friend list, she posted a news update about getting her both arms tattooed with the name of her kids. Now, that’s ridiculous, because a lot of people do something like this. “Playing the sympathy card right and getting help in an obscure manner.

Poor dude, anyone who came forward and helped her surely would have similar feelings of derision and resentment.

The girl faced online backlash for her actions. Yeah. This is ridiculous. My cousin asked my great Grandma for $9,000 because her family was “struggling”. She then comes to the next family gathering with a brand new sleeve.” – said one guy reminding himself for something similar.

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