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Girl seeks ‘Real Man’ who can handle her as super chill, crazy, bipolar & cuddling to knife throwing!

A girl on her dating profile sets the criteria for real men and faces backlash for being so superficial and demanding. Men mostly got offensive with her overview and standards for masculinity. Most men thought to move on without giving her a nice attention.

Hard Comedy features a lot of stupid stuff just for sake of letting others know about the surrounding dumbness. This article is dedicated to one such dating portfolio. The girl is asking for a man with real traits. There is a plus side of this dating portfolio. The girl is honest enough to give you an overview of her mentality and requirements which most girls fail to deliver on the first date. So, this is something which needs to be appreciated but the other side is darker since the girl has given a lot of requirements for a real man of which most are absurd.

We can call it a proposal with 100% of red flags. The first requirement is quite practical, “If you want to know something just ask” since a lot of relationships work on the assumption that their partner should understand things on his own but that often doesn’t work. The rest is quite insane. “Lemme tell you one thing if you can’t handle a bipolar, super chill, cuddling to throwing knives, then you aren’t’ man enough, move one.

So, what do you think about this honest lady? Are you man enough to leave her alone or you want to send some sweet message? You can drop messages in comments and we can deliver that for you, Justsayin!

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