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Girl seeks someone with ‘EMOTIONAL Baggage’ & ‘DADDY Issues’ as DATE

If a list of best profiles is chosen from the Tinder then this profile is going to make to the top. Now you might think that what is so special about this particular profile? This profile is funny and definitely welcomes people from different backgrounds and emotional baggage. These lines might not make sense to you at this moment but scroll down a bit and have a look at the embedded screenshot below:

This profile specifically targets the men who have some emotional issues with their own self. The girl makes use of the ‘love’ term in a different way. There might be another view to this profile, the girl might be lonely enough to catch any guy on her way. Well, we can’t predict much but the description and the requirements are funny and this can be a case with some men.

She also refers to the love of the parents and targets any man who believes that his parents didn’t do justice with him, well this girl offers the type of love which might even surpass that of parents in quality. Now, we don’t know if her claims are out of good will or she wants to use someone.

In the end, she asks for some n*des as a token of acceptance of her terms and conditions. Knowing the society, there are more chances that she is just bating for someone but there are some chances that she might actually be willing to help someone who might be lacking some self-confidence. What do you think? Do you think that you are going to swipe right on this profile?

“Translation, “I’m a guy that wants photos of other guys peepees!” – wrote a user on REDDIT about this profile

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