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Girl seeks ‘Tinder Date’ while having a prison boyfriend Daryl until he gets out in 2019

A tinder date which already has a boyfriend? Well, I guess you will not be cool about this condition. This goes against any man’s ego or values. Well, if you are alright with the idea then again that is fine because you are open minded and we like open minded people.

This girl has a unique Tinder profile. She is finding someone for a healthy relationship but her bio is the exact opposite of what she’s doing on the Tinder.

That’s my prison boyfriend Daryl and if you’ve a problem with us you can kick rocks because I don’t want to hear about it.

He’s cool with me dating until he’s eligible for parole in 2019.

He did not rape them girls.

The girl studies in Idaho State University College of Business. This can surely be termed as quite a stupid introduction on the Tinder.

Moreover, the girl is also holding a picture of her boyfriend. The last introduction slide shows her holding an old picture of her boyfriend with a big smile on her face.

The date she wants can hold her in arms till 2019. In 2019 her boyfriend will be eligible for the parole. That means, if anyone wants to date her then he must have those temporary feelings because sooner or later he is going to be ditched out of the relation.

Tinder, we feel for you, such a diversity of people you’re handling inside your network.

One thought on “Girl seeks ‘Tinder Date’ while having a prison boyfriend Daryl until he gets out in 2019”

  1. Sephi says:

    That is my fucking homegirl, right there.
    Like, she is legitimately the best.
    And Daryl didn’t rape them girls. Fuck what you think you know.

    #FreeDaryl #FreeHat

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