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Girl since age 17 undergoes massive surgeries to earn the biggest bum in the world

I don’t understand the need of changing one’s own body features and not settling with the natural ones. The doctors which actually enhance the bodily features to an alarming extent must be told to stop doing so. There should be freedom but too much freedom for someone who doesn’t understand his own good can be Lethal. But if a person is sane and he still chooses to go with insanity then that doesn’t make sense.

Natasha crown who is 5 feet 10 inch tall is a new model who is breaking all the stereotypes. She has made the world record of having the biggest bum. And no such a feature didn’t occur naturally as you can see her before and after pictures. There are a lot of people on the Internet who are actually quite happy with your new looks and she had gone quite a lot of surgeries in order to achieve such a girth and weight. Recently she visited her doctor again and she wants her bum to be increased beyond 6 foot.

Before and after Natasha

For that the doctor prescribed her eating more food as the fat accumulated in other places will be stored back into her bum. She is yet 24 years old and she has already made her way into Guinness Book of World Records. She does exercise regularly.

On YouTube, you can find her interview if you search the word Natasha crown as we are unable to embed it here because of it not safe for work nature.

What do you think? Do you appreciate her look or do you think she was beautiful before?

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