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Girl talks gender equality & says women can equally be lustful & child predating

There are different people in the world and because of the differences each one of them have different opinions regarding the socio economic status and the current affairs. This woman was like every other common Facebook user but last day she posted a status update on her profile which went quiet viral and because of that she is now viral on the social media.

She talked about gender equality in a sense that she blamed women along with men equally for participation in crimes. She thought both of them a human first and later she declared that because of the society, the women they are most often ignored after they commit an indecent action. The status update was public and that is the reason it got many shares and likes. However since some obscene language was used in the status so it was taken down by the Facebook on Grounds of unethical language used.

We’ll embed the same status below after using the brush tool to censor the sensitive words and language.

The woman’s rant!

Some time later since her status update was removed by the Social Media since it appeared to be against a specific group of people. As we also know that any hate speech element is not supported on Facebook.

Second Status Update!

However people were thinking otherwise, “I read what you wrote and it wasn’t offensive or attacking someone…,” one of the guys wrote in the comments below her second status update.

Do you think she was attacking someone or do you believe that she actually tried to talk about equality? Because most women actually give importance to the comments of their fellow gender. Should women give her importance? These are quite controversial questions, but I’m sure you might like to answer.

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