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Girl tries to help boyfriend amidst fight & gets beaten up more, after bullying black kid

I have never seen such a stupid fight. This couple and a guy are trying to have a fight with each other and it more looks like some competition to prove that who’s more stupid than the other. If someone ever compiles the videos of most stupid fights then this video is going to make its way to the top. I mean it more looks-like 3 girls trying to fight with each other however, in reality, the fight involves two guys and a girl.

So the video starts and this girl is laughing out loud and it only proves the fact that this couple was actually trying to bully the other back kid. They were trying to make fun of this kid. Now, this guy who happened to be the boyfriend of the girl attacked the other guy (whom they were bullying or calling out) but he was not expecting something unusual. Soon he started to get beaten up by this other guy and his girlfriend was forced to intervene the situation. His girlfriend thought that she could actually handle the situation and make things alright but it wasn’t in her worst imaginations that this other kid would actually beat her up.

So this other black kid takes both of them with strength and slams the girl on the ground. It is worth watching that the boyfriend of the girl is standing idle in the video and it more looks like that he got afraid of the other guy. Initially, he was the one to start the fight but soon after some time he was the first one to get beaten up and retract.

You better watch the video below:

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