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Girl uses best pickup line for those who have a thing for ADULT sites

Tinder is definitely the kind of platform which most people use to find the potential matches online. This application has helped many people to find friends, girlfriends, and even wives. There are many success stories of this dating application which are revolving around on the internet. “Where this is success, there are lopsided realities too,” today, this article shares on lopsided reality about a particular tinder profile. We have already shared many funny and amazing profiles on this website.

This girl is seeking a potential match on the Tinder like everyone else, but she has the best pickup line right in her description. Now, anyone who has a thing for adult things then he is surely going to love the straightforward attitude of this girl. Someone got matched with this girl and he took a screenshot of her profile. Later, he shared it on the internet and looks like he got the consent of the girl.

What are your opinions about this profile? Do you think that this girl is for real? She can be someone who is trying to fish men.

Alright, there is another funny aspect right inside the profile. A keen meticulous look is going to reveal that amazing aspect. Someone with username, “Foxmartin1” left a comment on this profile when it got shared on the Reddit, “I see that you also happen to be 69 miles away from her.” to which another user wrote, “The stars are aligned.”

Someone else left a comment on the appearance of the girl, “This girl looks way too jaded for 18.” However, this particular comment can fire feminists since this more looks like objectifying the looks of a woman. Someone even called the profile to be fake and called it tantamount to lacking reality.

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