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Girl uses Tinder to fuel her ‘Narcissistic & Egotistical’ nature by rejecting ‘Male Matches’

Dude came across this profile and this is savage, totally savage. The girl has no drama and she has described her motives of being on the Tinder right in her own words. She is straightforward and has the guts to tell the true story burgeoning behind her mind. There are very fewer people who actually tell the truth behind their actions and most of the people merely use old cliches to turn the situation ambivalent.

Seldom Used JayVay! Whoops

Your thirst for the Tinder might not be over yet, so I felt like bringing some more masterpieces from Tinder to quench your desire. The fine mosaic of Tinder brings diversity together and helps the internet find new trends in social relations and possible matches.

Grandfather tries to find a potential match for her granddaughter

Poor grandfather looks kind of annoyed by the poor choices which his granddaughter has made in the recent years. Thus he made a profile on his own on Tinder in order to filter out the potential candidates for her granddaughter. This is quite sweet and shows the new trend in social structure, like a grandfather, is acting like a filter between a date and his granddaughter.

Straight to the point

Guy wants to take advantage of his cat to land a date for himself but the girl is too damn sharp to fall for such pickup lines. When he didn’t succeed in impressing the girl, the quick response was, “Well, lemme put it [cat] down,” Woah! It baffled the girl quickly and all she could write was “Wait, What?

What do you think about these 3 amazing people from the Tinder? Don’t you think that Tinder is helping us learn more about people and their strange passions? We’ll continue to feature more stuff like this, just stay tuned to Hard Comedy on Facebook.

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