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Girl wants a quick rebound with ‘friends for benefit scheme’

There are definitely different kind of people in this world and this girl is actually one of those people who try to get another dimension in life just to forget about their previous past. It is said that a steel cuts the steel and whatsoever is the innuendo but it is a well-established fact that there must be the balance of forces allowing a system to prevail. If there is not a balance of force or if a single unbalanced force element exists then the system cannot prevail for a longer period of time. I guess you are hardly making any sense !

Allow us to clear you something, this girl is actually trying to forget her past and the best method to obviate the bad memories of past is to go through the same agony or at least walk the same path. This next time anyone who is walking down the same path will have more experience and plus they will be able to compete well with the situation. This girl has recently gone through a breakup and that is why she has taken a right step to setup her new dating profile on the tinder. She is trying to find someone completing her own requirements and this time she is more wiser than the previous experience.

She has described her skills in the description of her dating profile and in those kills there are some geeky perspectives too, like solving a rubix cube. She will give the suitable candidate bonus points if he has tattoos.

‘Just dumped by the love of my life. Looking for some good old fashioned self-destructive sleeping around,’ wrote the girl

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