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Girl with an eerie dating profile first gives a questionnaire to pass for a friendship

Alright, this girl wants to judge her potential date before even giving him a friendship slot, well that is quite normal and it’s her right to put her date through every trial and test before gifting him with trust. However, providing a questionnaire for determining a friendship green signal is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Yes, this girl is giving a questionnaire to anyone who might be interested in taking her out on a date. After passing the questionnaire by giving the right answers the candidate will be a friend, yes a damn friend, you heard it right. The girl is friendzoning the guys even before meeting them in person.

Not to mention the strange picture which she has chosen as her front display of her profile description, that looks like some sauce dripping off her mouth.

The display picture of the girl!

Despite that her description is worth reading, she has found a quick and time-saving method of finding friends on Tinder. She believes that her method is going to save the time of both the applicants and the examiner.

Description of the profile!

The question arises, will you even try to contact her or pass the profile to some friend? The guy who actually came across this girl posted her profile on a social media website. He was confused about this girl and he asked the fellow social media users if the girl was even a human.

Someone called her a female version of Eugene from the Walking Dead. To us she looks like some underage girl trying to have some fun with the adults! Awkard! Could it be a Halloween prank?

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