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Girl with love for FISHING offers to bait her for a raunchy date

Oh, well this is probably the most strange Fishing dating profile which I have read in a while, the woman is trying to get as real as possible while revealing her intentions through double meaning innuendos. She definitely loves fishing and this particular description of her profile reveals the same. Men love to go fishing and having such a partner in crime actually can make the venture a complete fun package, a lot of men think this way.

This profile is a dating profile and this woman is trying to seek some potential partners. Will you dare to swipe right on such a profile? One of the fellows found this profile on Tinder and thinking it a goldmine he preferred to take a screenshot. later, he shared it on the social media website, Reddit. The people at Reddit are geek enough to leave some roasting comments. This girl wants to get naut-y and she also wants to go on a date with a possible venture of fishing happening all around. You might be getting confused with the spelling of naughty and the venture of fishing, well read this profile below, everything will get lucid.

Oh well, don’t you think the description is two way around? Is she giving some mixed signals? People of Reddit actually gave their opinion regarding the woman. We know that it’s wrong to judge anyone but for sake of fun, allow us to share some opinions. A guy, cantlearnham said, “Probably a bot, seems fishy.” someone replied, “boat*” – this was the funniest comment.

Another guy said that the woman allegedly feels like a catfish, he left a comment, “Guaranteed Catfish.” Now, what so ever they may think, what matters is your opinion, did you like the story? What do you think about the woman?

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