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Girl working in IT ‘Looks For a Gentleman’ on Tinder only to get matched with this ‘Insane Dude’

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I believe geek people form the order of the world and most of them play quite a significant role. Some of these people are well known for their efforts in the field of science while the rest work without giving off their identities. Most of these people have a keen urge to give something to society which drives them with the potential to surpass any hiatus or hurdle.

Most people say that people of opposite nature make a good couple as they don’t get bored of each other. But ever met a geek couple? One which can talk in the terminal language of Linux all the day without using the old commands in the new conversational threads? Oh, this article waded into the deep abyss of geekiness. Alright, lets help you make some sense out of this conversation.

Dude is insane, somehow he found that the girl worked in IT so he tried to find her dream girl inside this potential match. He was a geek himself and thus he tried using his luck to find another geek befitting the potential relationship. Look at those commands, those might seem unfamiliar to most people, but these are terminal commands used in Linux to do anything on computers.

The girl felt like using puns, thus she pointed out that none of the gentlemen were found in the directory of her heart. The dude was happy enough to assist her through the process. He told her to the terminal command to create a directory named “Gentleman“.

The next step of the dude was to find her number, which he eventually got as the girl was kind of feeling accomplished after brushing her programming skills with a potential dating candidate. She knew that this guy was the match.

So, she sent her the phone number and the dude was at work so he couldn’t call. Again using the IT language and trend the dude preferred to remain on the waiting list. Though the girl told him that his support ticket was on top of line because she had tagged it with emergency, “A BIG GREEN SIGNLE

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