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Girl writes essay on ‘wage gap’, professor disapproves saying to only use feminist sources

This girl writes an essay on the wage gap. She took her essay to the professor who had given the assignment. The professor doesn’t agree with the findings of the essay and responds to the girl by telling her to use merely feminists sources.

Education is something which must be open to everyone. Knowledge is a thing which makes human to think like a human. A professor must be open to the opinions and should be able to check her students. This professor should have pointed out the non-authenticity of the sources in a valid way. Now, one can’t simply reject the findings from the business publishments if she thinks that the feminist’s sources are merely correct. Everyone is biased in a way or the other but still, there must be room for new opinions.


The professor replied to the wage gap essay in a different manner. The girl found that the wage gap wasn’t much in the play and any sort of theory about the wage gap was false.

First of all your premise is wrong. The wage gap is very real. So the reason you are having this problem is because you’ll not find any sources that state this.

The way wage gap works largely today is through the ceiling.

Perhaps you went to write your paper on glass ceiling. You need to look at feminists sources on this issue. I’d suggest beginning with Caroline Gatrell’s book, Embodying women works. Chapter 7 looks specifically at the glass ceiling.

Don’t use business sources, they blame the woman. The reality is patriarchy.

In the end, she suggested searching on the matter through feminists sources. She stated that feminists spent years tyring to find proofs of the wage gap. Feminists also wrote about the glass ceiling since the 1970s.

Well, professor, you need to take a break, don’t discourage the kid.

3 thoughts on “Girl writes essay on ‘wage gap’, professor disapproves saying to only use feminist sources”

  1. Daddy's Turn says:

    Is this a real story? I know I experienced something similar in college in debates, but at least it wasn’t this biased.

  2. Bob Dole says:

    If this is real why is there an insertion point at the end of the “letter from the professor”.

  3. Trudy says:

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