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Girlfriend ‘SMASHES’ her boyfriend’s ‘Xbox Controller’ & faces a quick revenge move

This girl learned her lesson the hard way, she smashed the controller of her boyfriend’s Xbox. In return she had it coming, her boyfriend thrashed open all her belongings including makeup items and other womanly things. The girl later posted it on her Twitter, she’s a singer by profession. The Twitter community sided with her boyfriend while others had ambivalent comments regarding the incident.

The gist of this tweet is that the girl is in a bad relationship and fights like these shouldn’t happen. Though on the contrary if both them are taking it as a fun way to take out their anger, then surely they need some sanity check.

The crushed stuff!

Quite a lot of people got a reference from the tweet she made and it appears that gaming and relationships are hard to go together in tandem with each other. Many suggested that both should dump each other but to their surprise, the couple is still going strong or maybe they are just taking a hiatus from public attention by showing everything is normal inside.

The girl later posted a song in response to the comments which she received on her tweet mentioning her boyfriend smashed her belongings. In case you want to listen the song, this is as follows:

The girlfriend called it a stress reliever once someone asked her the reason for the feud and her boyfriend smashing things. This specific conversation goes as follows:

The others opinionated that such a thing can’t be a stress reliever. “Any relationship that isn’t healthy is abusive or codependent. We have classifications for abusive and codependent relationships, therefore we know the characteristics of a healthy relationship.” – wrote a guy

Anyhow, it seems that the girl is totally cool with the retaliation and she was expecting such a response from her boyfriend. If this is the case and she feels okay with such a behaviour and her boyfriend is also good with Xbox controller getting smashed, then I guess this is the girl of the millennium.


2 thoughts on “Girlfriend ‘SMASHES’ her boyfriend’s ‘Xbox Controller’ & faces a quick revenge move”

  1. AlterEgo says:

    2 children acting like children

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