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Girlfriend tries to hangout, then fakes pregnancy in an attempt to get drug money

Hats off to the guy who actually caught this girl lying all because of some computer technical knowledge! This girl he met a few weeks back tried to hang out with him again but after desperately failing the attempt, she lied to him about being pregnant.

The initial text exchange! – Tap on the photo to enlarge it!

A little backstory behind the above texts won’t hurt the readers! I’m sure you want to keep reading on these text messages. So, these are the text exchanges which happened after the guy hooked up with this girl. The girl is now trying to get a hold of the guy but the attempt is so desperate that it’s quite obvious.

The last resort, fake the story!

Her last resort to gain some attention and money was to fake her pregnancy. The dude, however, was wise enough to fall for the truck. He knew that the money which she was trying to get was for the drugs, however still he asked the girl for details and gave her an option to prove the truth.

A tech-savvy dude!

Whoa! Dude was tech-savvy! He asked the girl for proof, but when she continuously tried to make a fool out of the guy, he then sent her a counter-proof of her lies. That was pretty much a sharp and genius move. The girl wasn’t ready to give up on her lies. She then started to get angry.

This girl definitely needed that kind of treatment because she tried to cheat on a guy just to attain some personal goals. This can be termed as the lowest point of being a human. She even tried to get angry at the guy in order to conceal the truth but all her efforts went in vain when the guy asked her to accompany her for a pregnancy test.

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