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Girl’s hairy underarms pic earns cringe credits & this man talks in its favour, while rejecting hairy legs

Female underarm is a thing and this woman released her natural picture on social media advocating in favour of the natural growth. Some celebrities were spotted accepting the hair growth and also earning a lot of hate and cringe. The views on this topic can be different but it’s not less than a taboo to discuss it on the blog. Some might call it NSFW but accepting the reality is rather called SFW.

So, on Social Media to Red Carpets having hairy underarms is now starting to catch the trend. The female models are no more ashamed of showing their hairy body structure. This revolution can be named as equality. Miley Cyrus and Jemima Kirke of Girls have already shown their natural hair growth on Social Media and other appearances. Armpit hair competition is also being held in China.

Anyway, read this man review on the underarm hairs of a girl who uploaded her picture on the social media. The girl is supporting a natural way of living.

And then a whole storm of comments and other views started on the picture.

The guy doesn’t find the idea of hair on belly and legs as girly, rather he calls it manly and a taboo.

Someone told him to stop insulting all the girls just because of some personal opinion. A biased opinion isn’t a good opinion.

The conversation went on and is quite long to be embedded, so I’m adding the conversion and the arguments as an attachment and directly linked to this post. You can read the whole conversation here. Make sure to zoom the image and then scroll down.

Now, what are your opinions on this matter? Aren’t woman supposed to follow their heart and also stay clean?

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