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Golfer who decapitated bird with club during game has charges dropped after new info emerges

I think you remember the story which we had covered in previous days when a golfer decapitated a poor goose during the game. We had asked everyone to share that article so that we may learn about the whereabouts of the player.

A lot of other news sites also shared the video with their fan following. The combined efforts of all the news outlets actually brought the guy in the limelight. Why? Because this is internet.

If you had missed the previous post then you can read it here. Actually a video of a golf player emerged online which went instantly viral. The video showed a golfer decapitating a goose during the game. The golfer also made his friends video him during the entire heinous act. The place of playing was in Finland.

Letter due to the video be coming viral the police was informed about the incident. Ville Nurmi, Vantaa Golf Park director told The Sun that he had made a criminal report.

The people close to him gave their statement, “ live in Finland and the latest news here says he was not a member of the golf club and his group were his mates who by the was have snitched on him.

Meanwhile this was all happening, The Sun reported an update on the entire matter.

The club is saying there is a bunch of eye witnesses outside his golf group that indeed say that the bird was previously hit by golfball and was indeed dying. The course supported its other members and decided to drop charges on the golfer who was hunted down by the internet.

Another user reported the same and scolded internet for making it a big story. He even accused internet of believing anything which they come across in the shape of a video. In nuthsell, the guy is off the charges with this little piece of information. The goose was already injured and the guy actually did an act of mercy.

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