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Good samaritan gets shot in neck protecting a pregnant lady from drunk man

A guy from Yamhill has been donated thousands of dollar because he played the role of a good Samaritan while saving a pregnant lady from gunshots. In an attempt to prevent the lady from having any serious damage the guy received a gunshot in his neck.

This Sunday evening over $25,000 has been donated to the family of 27-year-old David Trivelpiece.

The Brave guy survived the shot in his neck and is currently admitted to Portland Hospital. The sister in law of the Trivelpiece was quite happy after she found that everyone around them was trying to be helpful.

The way people have rallied around us and supported us,” said the sister-in-law of Trivelpiece, “we couldn’t be more grateful and we definitely feel so blessed to have that support, it definitely makes us just so proud of him.”

David Trivelpiece

According to the police, the 27-year-old David Trivelpiece was walking with this friends enjoying the day when he saw and heard some gunshots. Being a good human at heart he rushed towards the place of shooting to provide his help. Richard Mershon, 67yo, was fighting with another man when David Trivelpiece reached there and he even pushed pregnant women as he was drunk. During the fight the old man drew out his weapon and started firing. Mershon release two fires towards the man he was fighting with but missed and in all the haphazard David received a gunshot in his neck as he tried to protect a pregnant lady.

The brother in law of David travel peace described him as, “That’s totally him. He knows that if someone’s in trouble, he’d step in.”

Mershon serving in Jail

Trivelpiece was initially in a very critical condition after receiving a gunshot in his neck but after some time in the hospital, he was stabilized. The residents of the Yamhill are quite worried and astonished as they couldn’t believe that something like this could happen in their area.

One of the local residents has set up a fundraising campaign in order to collect the money for the health expenses of the guy. Trivelpiece is a father and husband and he has to walk a long way to fully stand on his feet and start doing his duties once again.

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