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Guy almost buys a $65,000 painting for $75 and urges everyone to invest in art

Stupidity has no limit and this guy on social media proved it. He almost bought a $65k worth of painting during a sale for $75. He thought that he was the smartest person present during the sale and the seller was stupid enough to offer him something at loss.

The guy is stupid and simple enough to post the story of his wisdom on Facebook. The caption read:

Last week I almost bought a Joan Miro Painting wand $65,000 at an estate sale tor $75. The guy had no clue about It… But had $675 on a stupid MGM lamp. (they were on way to many addys!) On the real. invest In ART. Sure It may look like a 5 year old did. But In this game you learn a little bit about everything.

This guy acted a genius but not for long as one of his friends on Facebook did some search and found the source of the picture. I can merely imagine his reaction upon finding out the truth behind a $65k worth of painting.

There is an equal chance this guy was trying to fool other people in a try to build some ‘I do exist‘ moment. So, all I can say to this guy is to quit his bullshit because there aren’t many people who might be interested in his discovery.

All hail to the first comment, “Buy the next one which comes in your way!“, seriously man? Do you believe in this guy and the cost of this painting? Anyway, this was a fun situation and I guess the purpose of it has been well served if it brought a smile on your face, ‘Idiots exist, yes.


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