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Guy attempts to bait trap another guy with his perfect famine figure & entices him to cheat

With a picture like this even I’d be lured into the cheating abyss. So, this guy has enough curves to play the top-crop game and trap any guy on Tinder. Definitely, his profile has been created with gender-neutral details. I think even the image forced you to click the article and find out more details about this cosplay act.

So, the story was revealed on the Reddit by¬†Alexpka. He was usually using Tinder to find some good matches when he came across a good bodily figure. He got matched with this person, so he started to talk to him (thinking it to be a female). The person sent him a picture taken in the bedroom. The Reddit guy thought, “OMG! this is so hot, I can’t handle the hotness.


So, the first exchange of image, as you can see above might make you think, “This is a tall girl with nice curves.” (Sorry, for objectifying the picture, but don’t worry this is a guy).

The thing to worry in this screenshot is the willingness of the guy to cheat on his wife. She used her wife to convey a message to this guy who appeared to be a girl. The guy on the other side decided not to prolong the conversation and at the very next moment he cleared out the air of fabrication.

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