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Guy calls round globe stupid as his barely 4yo daughter endorses flat-earth-theory

Flat Earth theory is once again taking a rise after some celebrities and famous people were found supporting the absurd notion. People think that the world famous space agencies including NASA are involved in feeding them lies about the eclipse nature of the earth. The flat earth theory was a part of old times but in 500B.C it’s believed that Pythagoras was the one who predicted the round nature of the Earth.

The shape of the Earth’s shadow on the face of the moon was taken as a strong argument to prove the round nature of the Earth. Pythagoras thought that if the moon was round than that made the earth round too.

Now, there are a lot of groups on the Social Media which are supporting the flat earth theory. This guy who happened to be a part of Flat-earth group, posted about his daughter endorsing the flat earth theory. They visited some shop where his daughter found around the globe. According to the dude, the daughter asked him the reason behind the spherical nature of the globe.

One of our websites also published a news about a man who made a rocket on his own to find the real truth. The guy taught himself the rocket science and planned to launch himself into space in order to find the real shape of the earth. Read, Self-taught rocket scientist plans launch to test flat Earth theory.

Let’s not deviate from the post, the kid in the picture is too young to say something like this, or she might be asking his dad only about the roundness of the globe rather than proving it to be flat. Not to mention that she looks a bit sad in the picture.

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