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Guy created ‘DATING Profile’ for roommate to get rid of her & free-up Netflix

Poor guy has his Netflix hogged up because of his room mate’s habit of watching shows continuously. Netflix is a kind of service which gets an idea of the person’s interests and then starts suggesting some related shows to him in an attempt to engage him more to the website. There was a time when Netflix was in a race with Blockbuster which it eventually won due to the fine embrace it did with the new technology.

This guy has a female roommate and it looks like that she shares up a Netflix account. The guy has a hard time using Netflix and thus he sorted out some idea, an idea which might allow the girl to leave the room and give the guy some me time. Thus, he decided to create a secret dating profile so the girl might meet some new people in her life which may help her leave the bedroom. The description he wrote regarding the personality of the girl in the profile is a little bit strange.

If you can’t read the above profile well then make sure you tap on it so it may get zoomed. The only con which this guy mentioned about her roommate is her small height. She can’t reach the top shelf. The other abilities include that she’s a good cook and loves to dance.

The funny point in this entire scenario is that the guy became so much possessed by the Netflix that he determined to find a date for his roommate, only then he knew that he’ll salvage the online streaming website. We don’t know that what might be the reaction of the girl once she knows that someone used her picture at a dating website to find a potential match just in an attempt to free up TV.

This guy could have gone to the girl and ask him properly if she could leave Netflix for a while.

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