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Guy documents & films his first fart in front of his girlfriend

A relationship is incomplete until you keep on fabricating the natural requirement of your body and love. Relationships prove to be long lasting once the participants also happen to be friends. The friendships which are deeply intertwined require no definition of limits.

So, lets cut the long story short, a relationship enters into a new era once the people stop caring about their outlooks and hidden weaknesses. Once the introvert nature converts into the extrovert one but obviously with your significant other then fun videos like this emerge on the internet.

This guy decided to document his first relationship fart and he did so by filming it along with his girlfriend. Now, if he had kept it hidden inside his phone then the internet would have no chance to enjoy this laughable moment. He took one more bold step and uploaded it to the internet.

The expressions of the girl are just amazing and it looks like that she decided to be his friend first rather than an attached girlfriend. The guy wrote the caption of the video, “Ever wanted to see what the first relationship fart situation looks like? Here!

You better watch the video, I just got carried away.

Alright, that is something which I shouldn’t have blogged about, but come on it’s funny. I can’t resist sharing some funny things. Look at those faced, the guy was deadly serious and the girl was in the shock. She wasn’t expecting something like that to happen in the near future, and above all she kind of welcomed it.

I know you laughed and enjoyed! So don’t say that I did something wrong by sharing this video!

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