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Guy fell asleep at work and it got photographed, girlfriend threatens anyone who releases picture

A true love if hard to come by, now look at this girl who threatened everyone in the office to not release the picture of his sleeping boyfriend during work hours. I must say that the girl did what anyone would have done to keep their boyfriend safe.

The green coloured censored name is actually the guy who was caught sleeping. The pink coloured name shows his girlfriend trying to defend him on social media.

Looks like the boy isn’t happy with her girl making things public on the social media. He slept that’s fine but then threatening everyone who saw him sleeping during work is more like making him famous for the deed.

Damn, someone had already posted it on their Snapchat. Then someone took a screenshot of the story and posted it in the comments. The picture also got released just because the girl threatened people.

The girlfriend defends the guy further by letting everyone know that she kept him awake late at night. Someone said that the guy shouldn’t be kept long awake as he has a job to do that keeps the two well fed.Well, this rant is totally illogical.

Well, this rant is totally illogical. The girl shouldn’t have posted something like this on his timeline. It only made things escalate quickly.

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