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Guy first breaks up with girlfriend for her friend & then seeks same friend’s mobile number for flirting

This guy is impossible since he first breaks up with his girlfriend and later asks her friend’s number to flirt with her. The reason of breakup is the same girl whose cell phone number he asked, later. Dude, you surely are a gem.

The girlfriend of the dude is ‘Loz’, that’s what he has saved her number with, and she texted him out of jealousy for meeting with another girl ‘Jess’. The guy declared this girl Jess as his babe. These long ‘xxxxx’ in conversation are so annoying, looks like some teenagers are in love.

The girl was straight to the point so she asked him if he fancied the other girl more than her and the answer came in positive. She then enquired about an ongoing relationship with her to which he replied in a negative. Quite later she asked the question, “Do you want to be with me any longer?

The guy knew that this was the time to set the sails free. So, he replied that he doesn’t want any of this anymore. The girl was nice enough to say that she’ll be fine.

In the end, the guy played his master card, “Do you have Jess number Loz?” Someone has narrated it right, “Can you do anything for someone you fall in love with? Then make that some you, cos then you’ll do anything for yourself.

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