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Youtuber gets divorce with “No Prenup” after internet curses his wife as gold-digger

This is the story of a guy suffering from obesity and a video blogger by profession. Boogie2988, a guy who operates on youtube and his real name is Steve Williams. This guy proposed a girl in his YouTube video on July, 2012. The girl named Dez eventually married the guy in 2013. They were both reported to be in deep love. He makes videos about games and nerd culture and has a lot of subscribers, in millions to be exact.

Boogie and Wife!

The things in the marriage were going smooth and then they ended up with no Prenup. A prenup is an agreement between the wife and the husband to actually handle the distribution of assets in case of a future separation or divorce. Without a prenup, the guy is actually dependant upon the state laws and court for his wealth distribution.

Dez, tweeted about No prenup.

Let’s call it no prenup!

Sometime later, the guy Boogie2988 tweeted on his account cursing the internet for calling his wife wrong for tweeting a picture with her friend.

Why internet feels bad about this picture of my wife with another guy?

Amidst all the fury, he also used to make prank videos on his youtube channel pretending his divorce which actually hadn’t happened. Below is one of his videos in which he lied about his divorce and then revealed the truth to his followers, shortly after the prank.

The awkward thing about this video is the separation which actually was about to happen in the year 2017. Eventually, in the year 2017, the guy tweeted about his divorce.

Fell out of love! But we’ll remain friends!

So, the jokes he used to make in the videos actually came true. The guy was suffering from obesity from the very start of the marriage, weighing around 250+ kgs. The internet isn’t welcoming the fact of no prenup and an early separation because of the pictures which were released by his now-ex-wife during their marriage. They are calling her a golddigger for using the sentiments of an insecure man.

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