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Guy in 40s fakes being 20 & snaps post first ‘Blind Date’ after being ghosted

Dating is all about honesty and if the truth is not there then probably it is not going to work out the way you want, the way it works out in the movies like all the kind tales and fables. This guy started the relation with dishonesty and later when he got called out for that he snapped and started calling the girl by names. This was the most stupid move he ever did and because of his own lies, he was pretty insecure about his own position in the relationship. He could have been a good friend after all the fuss. He could have told the girl that getting in the pants was not his purpose but instead he wanted to talk to someone, but after all the drama still he messed up.

The story got shared with caption, ““my first post… I matched with a guy who said he was 20 (I’m 18). He made me drive almost an hour into the city to meet him and when I got there he was clearly in his 40s. Check out those time stamps in the first picture.” – the story was shared on Reddit, the famous portal for internet stories.

If you can’t read the messages and the point at which the guy snapped and started calling names, then make sure that you tap with your finger on these conversations. After the tapping action, these embeds will become enlarged. Imagine how much concerned his guy is about getting ghosted, looks like he knew that he was lying around so the end might not go quite well.

Though we mostly prefer humour meant for men, this doesn’t mean we want to say that most men are like the guy featured in this post, but still the rest must learn a lesson from him, the girl, on the other hand, remained cool till the end of the conversation. She even opted in for a blind date and she wasn’t satisfied, this guy must learn to take no for an answer.

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