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Guy kicking can over girl’s head hits her instead & offers a mocking hover hug to comfort her!

That one trick snap story video ended up in a girl receiving a harsh kick to her head. Definitely, she will think twice next time before getting involved in a stupid trick with some guy. The guy, in the end, hover hugs the girl only to pay some comfort.

I don’t know what the guy was thinking along with the girl to make a back kick to a can placed on someone’s head. Snapchat has introduced something new in young blood, the urge to cover every aspect of their life along with an idea to entertain the followers. The same urge to entertain the followers failed miserably here. The guy did this on purpose or not isn’t yet clear. His face just before the kick pretty much looked mischievous.

So, the video for sure has made some footprint in your mind. What do you think? Isn’t it cringe-worthy that a guy first hits the girl mistakenly or on purpose but then mocks her with a hover hug?

Definitely a failed attempt to hit a mere can. The leg of the guy as it missed the CAN caused a severe jerk on the girl’s head. Severe enough to make her hold her head for seconds. We don’t know if they fought over it afterwards but during this short snap, they all looked quite happy.

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