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Guy kicks out girl on first date after he found her disagreeing with Trump & leaves her alone in rain

When is the last time you faced some Bigotry and were left alone due to its consequences? This girl exactly faced the same and as a result was left alone standing in rain meanwhile her first date drove off the place, just because both of them couldn’t agree on each other’s political opinions.

Trump has done a lot for America and I think it will be good will to accept the President and carefully scrutinize his opinions. The last action which Trump did was to leave out Iran because they didn’t seem to be following the Nuclear agreement.

Though we never heard Trump destroying dates before, this time a girl shared her story on Facebook where she showed how she got dumped just because the guy had a difference of opinion. She captioned, “This guy is an insane, mentally unstable, and dangerous!!! ladies if you see him in the boulder/ denver area, stay away. (he kicked me out in the rain and didn’t tell me where my car was bc i didn’t agree with his opinion).

This conversation happened shortly after the guy left the girl standing in the rain. I think that he did a wrong thing, leaving out a girl alone when she was on a date with you, that isn’t something which gentlemen do!

The guy seems to be quite confident about his opinions. He isn’t ready to accept anything which might prove his opinions wrong. I think such an attitude doesn’t welcome the doubt, as Richard Feynman once said that the doubt is the beginning to learn something new. This guy seems to be totally opposed to the notion.

Everything apart he’s a model and he thinks that he got a lot of girls waiting for him, I think that’s a plus point, the girl who was left alone came to know about her personality prior to getting into something serious, all thanks to Trump.

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