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Guy living in denial uses Emma Watson as his love making tool and gets shunned away by internet

Oh! Emma Watson is back in the controversies list. This guy thinks that he shares a relationship with Emma Watson. Though the internet shunned his stupid comments about the star.

A guy on Reddit uses Emma Watson to express his lovemaking game. He commented on the social media site that he had been with the famous star and he somehow manages to take a video of her while being close. She ordered her bodyguard to take away the cell phone and delete that video from inside.

Well, first you fakely accuse yourself of a relationship with Emma Watson and when it’s time to share the truth you say that her bodyguard deleted that only available proof. Dude you can share normal photos too, like hanging out with her.

Well, someone mocked him in the comments and he said that he could give some proof. Like what she likes or what she doesn’t! Damn man, you are one of your own kind and your lies are pretty impressive and believable. Someone on Reddit even left a comment saying, “Well, she does that to everyone! Classy Emma.

I though what we had was special… she told me I was her first. Looks like she’s been using us all.” That’s wrong Emma, I can’t live happily after thinking this actually happened.

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