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Guy makes ‘Fake Modelling Offer’ in a failed attempt to LURE his Crush for ‘Tickling’

Modeling is not just about appearance, there are a lot of other things involved which must be present in the model. Confidence, aesthetic sense and knowing the dynamics are just some widely discussed terms in the modeling industry. Every profession requires some amount of dedication which is necessary if one wants to grow in the positive direction. Modeling is also a profession.

A guy makes fake modeling offer to a girl for sake of love!

You read it right, there are certain levels of desperation. This guy probably surpassed every level and entered into the ambit of pervertedness. He is trying to get things in thrall.

The conversation starts with a modeling offer. The guy tries to seek a model for his website. The main purpose behind his modeling offer is going to get in notice at some later point in the messages. The funny part is getting ‘tickled’. Yes, the guy seeks some model to get tickled on the camera.

Now, we don’t know who likes to get tickled on the camera. Even we are not aware if someone offers such kind of modeling to the professional industry. So, it was quite absurd of the guy to offer something so basic to his crush. The girl still kept the nice vibes and declined the offer in a sober way. She could have gotten rude about the perverted offer but still, he decided to let it go.

The end is rather more hilarious, or disastrous would be the right word to use. “Cause I like you” is the gist of the entire conversation. The guy assumed the girl to be single and thus created a luring modeling offer to get the girl on board. He could have used the old school method to get the girl talking.

“Just go to the girl and describe your mind! Mate”

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