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Guy pretending to be nice goes off immediately after getting a ‘Rejection Call’ from random Girl

This guy first pretends to be really nice but then after getting a rejection call from a girl which he chose randomly on the internet, he went off immediately and started issuing a series of rants. The guy wanted to take out the girl on a date but all his plans failed out after she rejected going to a bar.

He came across this girl on the internet through social media Facebook and he could not expect rejection from anyone. It feels like after reading the conversation that the guy was not used to the idea of getting a no for a question or demand.

The entire conversation took a hilarious turn when the girl decided to stay calm but the guy, on the other hand, went off like a Grenade. The girl kept on telling him that she was preparing for her higher studies. She was direct from the very beginning when she told the guy about her busy schedule.

The guy, on the other hand, was not ready to listen to any excuse and thus he kept on accusing the girl to be rude. Even when she was the one trying to give him sound excuses like, “Sure but I don’t have time to go to a car now because I’m trying to finish my thesis.

The guy even went ahead and called her mean and a wastage to the world. Keep on reading the conversation and in the end, you’ll understand these lines, We believe that he didn’t go ahead for a right thing. He accused her of having problems while connecting with new people.

He could have avoided the situation by leaving the girl alone. The funny part is when he tried to explain her the right way to have a conversation while he wasn’t following any rules himself. He couldn’t just believe that he could be denied by any girl.

Note: The small round pictures in the thumbnail right next to conversation blocks don’t represent the real persons because we care for identities,However the conversation is authentic, thanks

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