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Guy pretend’s Floyd Mayweather’s garage cars as his own birthday gift and gets caught red-handed

Never lie about your birthday gifts or you might end up being like this guy, screwed up completely. This guy pretended the garage of Floyd Mayweather as his own on Facebook and told everyone that he got those cars parked inside as a birthday gift from parents.

The guy had his 17th birthday and normally a 17-year-old is quite sensible to not lie around. Truth is one time hard to tell but then it creates a lot of comfort for the future while the lie, on the other hand, creates a lot of hurdles. This guy had a choice to go on the right path but instead, he chose to be a liar. Karma happened to act right after his false statement for his Facebook friends and it caused him getting caught red-handed.

So, the guy posted that he got two cars as a gift from his Dad. On his birthday, his dad handed him a box and there were the garage keys. The guy said that he got confused for a second but when he went out to open the garage there were two amazing cars parked inside. A Ferarri and Bentley!

Someone told in comments that he was too lucky to have such an amazing gift. There were people who were ready to believe the guy. But there was one smart-ass who caught the lie of the guy. It took him seconds to find out that the image was taken from Google. Reverse Search! Hmm, nice!

This person told the guy that he took the image from somewhere, the guy invited this person to come his home but as this person lived an hour away from the guy’s house so she couldn’t come. But the guy wasn’t admitting that the picture was stolen from the internet, the person who happened to be a girl actually posted a picture proof.

Story gets all clear

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