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Guy promotes, “Why don’t we just let everyone take rifles into concerts?” while others oppose him

A guy was found promoting a weird idea on Social Media after the recent Las Vegas mass shooting incident. The incident was indeed quite derogatory in nature and no words can describe the intensity of fear and sadness which Americans felt at that very moment when there were several shots in the air aimed at the innocent people. The international media is quite shocked at the entire happening.

So, this guy on Facebook tries to promote the open gun usage during concerts as a self-security measure. He writes, “Kinds wish a patriot was there at that concert with a sniper rifle to take out that guy that killed 50 people. Criminals are always going to be able to et guns. An armed and educated public is the best defense. Commin sense shit here, but libtards…

Definitely, he made a lot of spelling mistake in what he was trying to communicate but I guess his solution isn’t appropriate. Pulling arms at a small brawl will become a trend. Some other guy also argued that there was no way a rifle could have stopped a guy at the top floor of an adjacent hotel from the ground.

The dude was though negligent of the facts and he kept on advocating his plan as the ultimate solution for safety and innocent people’s defence.

What are your opinions on this matter? Do you think that such a solution is good enough to stop anything like this in future?

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