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Guy rants about girl video gamers as a myth & connects it to abortion

I am sure that a lot of guys who are a fan of our Facebook page might have seen some girl playing video games and this phenomenon of girls playing video games might not be as absurd to them as compared to this guy. This guy thinks that female video Gamers are actually a myth and later he connects the female playing video games to the abortion. The strange part of the write up which this guy left in the shape of an FB comment is the huge amount of grammatical and spelling mistake. He couldn’t even write a word properly but still, he decided to lambaste his friend for calling girls a video gamer.

His friend had posted an image depicting the video game play as a couple. He wanted to tell his Facebook friends that he along with his girl plays video games on a PlayStation and that their baby is soon going to come in the world. However, the friend of this guy saw the post and he at once decided to vent out his anger for girls not being interested in video games but the way he chose to vent it out is strangely absurd and stupid.

He names the practice of girls playing video games as a cultural myth and a delusional notion. He said that all the girls hate playing video games. He even blamed women for destroying the console if they ever find their significant other giving more time to it.

The guy surely had a lot of anger from his past and looks like he was with someone who had a hate thing for video games. The guy thinks that every girl is same and almost every one of them hates the video games and a gamer boyfriend. The original poster of the picture couldn’t say anything except, “WHAT?”

Someone even left the above comment regarding this mentioned rant. What do you think?

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