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Guy rants against democrats & says he’ll prefer child molesters over them every second!

This guy runs against the Democrats and says that he will prefer p*edophiles every second over them. It is quite an absurd notion that a person is comparing two different things. One is a social crime which cannot be acceptable in anyway well other is a political bias.
Comparing the two things which have a different level of extremism is not fair. The democratic party surely lost the election in 2016 and that is in itself a fair warning that they need to change your agenda in order to earn some more popularity in the public. But comparing someone who assaults the children with democratic party is not fair.

The guy writes a blog and claims himself to be a singer, writer and poet. After he made the tweet a lot of people followed his blog and started abusing him. One of the guys called him a sick woman to which he replied in a negative and fun way. In a statement, he said that he wasn’t meant to convey the message that it was ok to molest kids rather he wanted to convey that he’ll vote someone who assaults the kid instead of a socialist democrat.

The guy father added in one of his blog comments that he is not a big fan of any other political party. He said that he is not a Republican because he doesn’t believe in God and he can also be not a fan of democrat because he isn’t a socialist. He said that he is an independent individual.

The tweet stirred a lot of Twitter fans and most of them hoped that it was just a bot. But later they learnt that the guy himself had such an opinion.

The guy has made other similar posts on his blog shortly after making the tweet. There in those posts, he condemns those who intend to assault the kids. We believe that he wants to convey the message that he isn’t in favour of the crime either.

The guy declares this man as someone who assaults the children in a creepy way in one of his blog posts. He shared his family on the blog too!

The tweet earned a lot of hate and people started calling him stupid for preferring some criminal over a Democrat.

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