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‘Guy rants on employers hiring only skilful people, calls it unjust’, gets roasted!

I have never come across someone who might prefer no skill over a skill for a job which actually required some practical work. Obviously, trained skilful people are an asset to the employer because these people are specialized in a particular field to complete a specific job.

All of a sudden, if people start complaining the employers about only hiring skilful people, then what will be your response? Obviously, you’ll say that no one will get offended with skilful people getting their particular jobs. These trained people learn a specific trade only to acquire a particular job in a practical field. Without these people, industries and other sectors of any country might succumb to failure.

There is this guy who thinks that providing jobs to any skilful person is actually a discrimination against the other person who didn’t get the job. He posted a rant about it on Twitter and started to face quite a lot of backlash as a result. There were several replies which actually roasted the guy in quite a creative manner.

We all know that this is quite a strange rant. Giving a logic to explain his way of thinking is not possible at the moment. However, there were people replying to his tweet in order to give him some sense.

Dentist, pilot!

The master roast has yet to be embedded here, someone on Social Media gave this guy a perfect reply. He explained his way of thinking using a perfect roast and created a scenario to explain it to the guy ranting about the employers.

I’m sure that this explanation is going to be best among the list and for this very reason I’m not going to embed the responses of other people. However, almost everyone was quite embarrassed after reading the tweet.

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