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Guy rushes as his girl waits in bed, drives rashly despite various warnings, gets arrested!

This guy was quite in a rush to meet his girl after she called him and ask him to come and meet her, it was an obvious home-alone call. He was so happy with the news that he couldn’t watch or hear any cops warnings as he drove towards his girl home in a rush. With all those lights flashing and sirens sounding to make him stop, he was in a totally different world and all he wanted was to reach out and meet his girlfriend.

Cops spotted the Honda Accord being driven rashly through a Clearwater neighbourhood this late Sunday night. A cop in a car activated the emergency lights and siren in an attempt to pull over the speeding guy, though after some time it was quite obvious that the overspeeding driver was not heeding to any warnings.

Instead of pulling over the vehicle, he accelerated more and fled away from the attempted stop while leaving the Cop in sheer embarrassment. However, the cop radio-ed the other police units in the area and gave out the identity of the fleeing suspect. Soon the guy was tracked down using his Honda and the driver Ruben Hughes was arrested. Ruben is 18 years old and after the cops read his rights he reported that he did not hear any warning or sirens tailgating his car.
He further explained that he was driving at high speed in an attempt to meet his girlfriend for straightening out the relations. The guy works in a pizza shop and he had been given a green signal by his girl after quite a long time but despite he ended up spending 16 hours in custody before getting released on his own recognizance.

The same guy was also arrested in February this year on vehicle theft charge but later the prosecutor dropped the case. This serves as a warning, even if she is waiting home-alone in the bed, that doesn’t mean that you start to violate the law.

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