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Guy sells $33 car backup camera for $500, ignores reality check, says offer targeted to rich owners

Just like Tesla, this guy knows his market. A guy was found selling a $33 worth car backup camera for $500. Someone tried to present a reality check but the guy was not in the mood to listen to an honest opinion, so he rejected the opinion while giving quite an argument.

Most people try to be over smart and then there are those who are willing to be fooled on the hands of such people. A particular story came to our notice and we decided to make a blog post. This blog post will serve a reminder to those people who think that the online deals are the best to have while neglecting a background check of the product.

If you do a little research then you’ll find that the same backup camera can be found for around $33 rather than for $500.

Some wise person tried to have some reverse search for the gadget. He posted the screenshot of the original price of the gadget in the comments. The guy who was selling this backup camera instead decided to reply him with, “I’ve offers above this price, if you are not interested then save your typing.

This is how $33 gadget was being sold for $500

The end argument of the guy selling overpriced backup camera was that the gadget was particularly targetted for those having 5 figure vehicles. Now, I don’t understand, good vehicles with the high price already have a pre-installed backup camera.

One thought on “Guy sells $33 car backup camera for $500, ignores reality check, says offer targeted to rich owners”

  1. Richard says:

    it’s called pricing to your demographic, how much do you think it costs for an I-phone to be made by kids or factory prisoners in china? $5 bucks,maybe $10 for quality parts

    it’s a sad retail fact.

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