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Guy sends pretty photo of his girlfriend in bed to mum, later realises what’s in the background

Entering into a relationship is something different as it might prove to be quiet easy in beginning then maintaining it, afterwards, it is well said that beginnings are easier but the maintenance of any relation up to the certain level can be difficult a lot of times. So this guy came across a relationship and like every good son he wanted to introduce her to his mother.

It is a well-known fact that once a message including picture leaves the host destined towards the receiver then it is totally out of the control. One cannot do anything after sending a message to its intended recipient so in other words it’s well said that look before you leap.

This young man regretted sending a picture of his girlfriend to his mum moreover he also uploaded the same picture to the internet because he thought that it was quite a candid picture of his girlfriend. The internet as we all know does not take a second to make anything controversial quite viral.

So, this man accidentally gave away is bedroom habit not only to the internet but also to his mum. This was quite an embarrassing accident.

The mother of this guy had gifted him a t-shirt which was lost but as soon as he found it again he was so pleased that he decided to take a picture of his long lost t-shirt and send it to his mother.

The girlfriend of the man held the t-shirt in his hands while smiling. The guy then sent the picture to his mom.

Later he uploaded it on the Twitter because he thought that his girlfriend was too pretty not to share. Minutes later he realised his stupid mistake and to treat it as a mistake, he came to this realisation and announced it publicly.

And you might ask that what are these ropes for? Well, we cannot answer you this but you need to Google it. The picture of the guy has received more than find 2 million likes and almost 60000 retweets since the time he uploaded it.

The picture of his girlfriend went global so he could not do anything but to tell his mum that the picture which he took for his mum actually went global.

The Maison’s mom was in the group when he shared the link of the Buzfeed with an article featuring his mistake. His mom was concerned about another woman about which he satisfied her and all things got settled.

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